Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Bitcoin Press Center

A: The Bitcoin Press Center is a community site that provides bitcoin expert contacts for the global press and media.


Q: Who selects these contacts?

A: No one. Anyone can apply or be nominated to appear on this list. It is up to the viewer to select and appropriate contact for a story or quote


Q: How can I nominate someone or add myself

A: Simply create an new account. Then, you will see a menu option to "Add/Nominate a Contact" or some words to that effect


Q: If a contact is nominated, do they appear on the list immediately?

A: Not immediately, a moderator will check the information for accuracy and contact the nominated person (by email) to confirm that they want to be listed


Q: Do the moderators decide who is added or not?

A: No, the moderators only check accuracy. They are neither qualified nor authorized to make press relations decisions


Q: Are these contacts "endorsed"?

A: No. Use judgment, review the citations and other metadata.